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Hi friends, I'm Alex and I'm so glad you're here.

A few years ago, my husband and I began our first round of fertility treatments. (Don't worry, this is relevant--I promise.) 

If you're not familiar with the process (which I hope you're not) the doctors typically place you on a fun little regimen of various meds and synthetic hormones. 

As you might imagine, the meds left me feeling uncomfortable, overweight, and flat out over treatments.. Ultimately, I wasn't myself. I'm sure you can imagine where I was emotionally, and physically I felt like I was living in someone else's body. At that point in time, my jewelry was the only thing that made me feel somewhat like myself. 

My problem though? I couldn't find a reasonably priced piece of gold colored costume jewelry that didn't tarnish the second it got wet. Which quite frankly, didn't match my lifestyle. This promoted me to enter a research frenzy where I learned about the different metals used in the jewelry I had been wearing. 

After formerly owning a retail store of my own and understanding the pricing in the jewelry industry, I decided it was time for something better. I feel like in an era of fast fashion, we often settle for poor quality in order to shop within our means. Why is that? In the end, our money is being wasted. This concept bothers me to my core, so I began researching manufactures and somehow ended up here. 
My goal at Muse is to bring quality jewelry, at a price that's attainable to the masses. Our pieces are priced based off the quality of their metals, and their life expectancy. I don't believe in paying for a product that doesn't last, and it's my goal to change that. I hope you love our pieces as much as I do.

Thanks for joining me on this crazy journey! 

Xo, Alex