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Jewelry Quality & Care:

At Muse we carry both Gold Plated, and Gold Filled jewelry. It can get to be confusing, so we're here to give you a breakdown of what makes them different and how to properly care for them both!


Gold Plated Jewelry 

Jewelry that is gold plated contains a thin layer of real gold over top of a base metal. (Picture your jewelry being dipped in a quick gold bath!) Most of our products contain stainless steel as their base metal, but occasionally we carry pieces made of brass and sterling silver. 

Gold Plated items can last up to several years if properly cared for. However, if they're frequently exposed to things like perfume, lotions, sweat, and water eventually the gold plating will begin to wear off. 

Because Gold Plated items only contain a thin layer of real gold, they're typically priced lower than our Gold Filled items which contain a heavier amount of real gold.


Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold Filled jewelry is made by bonding a much thicker layer of real gold to the item's base metal. Gold Filled jewelry lasts a significantly longer period of time, and although it's not recommended, it can be exposed to things like water, perfume, lotions, and sweat without fading. Gold Filled pieces are heavier than Gold Plated, and are priced higher due to the content level of real gold. 

If you're a budget conscious shopper (like us!) we recommend purchasing Gold Filled for the items you wish to wear every day. (AKA the ones you don't take off for the gym, shower, or when you hit your bed at the end of the day!) Save the Gold Plated for the statement pieces-- the items you'll only wear on occasion. 


Jewelry Care

To care for your items, store them separately from other metals and items in your jewelry collection (specifically sterling silver!). For longevity, try to keep them away from perfumes, lotions, and water. Polish your items every so often with the Muse Polishing clothing that comes in your order.

If needed, gently clean occasionally with soap and water, and dry with a delicate cloth. For questions or concerns regarding the care of your jewelry, feel free to reach out to us via email at